Troubleshooting - HDMI No Signal Issue

1) Check you ports first

Make sure the cable connectors are firmly locked into the ports of the source and display devices. See the pictures below:

correct plugin
This one is correct!
wrong plugin
This one is wrong!

2) Check the direction of the cable

Make sure the HDMI connector marked as "SOURCE" is connected to the port of the source device and the HDMI connector marked as "DISPLAY" is connected to the port of the display device.

3) Try using different HDMI ports in your devices.

4) After doing all of these above, there is still no signal.

Sometimes there will be no signal because of the HDMI handshaking issue. You can try the following to trigger the HDMI handshaking:

Try re-connect again once or a few more times
  • Turn off the source and display devices.
  • Unplug both HDMI connectors and plug in again. Make sure 1) and 2) are done correctly.
  • Turn on the display device.
  • Turn on the source device.

5) Use hot-plug detection if there is still no signal

While the source and display devices are turned on, try unplug and plug in the source connector to use the hot plug detection to trigger the HDMI handshaking.

6) Finally, contact our hotline to get further asistance

If you still cannot fix the issue, please contact our service hotline: 5100 3372.


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